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Travis the corn snake Harriet the chicken

Introducing the pets at Brambles Childcare in Edgton, Shropshire

Our Lovely Hens

The children love the responsibility of helping to look after the hens, especially collecting the eggs everyday. Your child will enjoy the many benefits of learning about animals.


Travis is our 4ft long corn snake. He poses no harm whatsoever to the children and is completely safe to handle. Under close supervision, the children can hold him and observe him through the glass vivarium.

Surrounding Farm Animals

Looking out from our extensive gardens, children have the opportunity to observe farm animals including cows, pigs, & sheep on a daily basis.

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To encourage children to be responsible and caring towards living things, we feel it is important to allow children contact with animals from a young age.

Always in a safe and well-supervised environment, the children help groom and feed our pets whilst learning more about them and how to care for them. This has proved to be an educational experience for the children, encouraging them to develop life skills for the future, especially if you don't keep pets at home.

Encouraging your child to learn valuable life skills. Call Kellie today for more information.

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